Ba’bag’s Big Daddy!

Well all I can say is that we survived! Having enjoyed a lovely Christmas in Worcester and had Emily and Richard and Steve and Sharon here for New Year, the night of Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd January 2012 was scary. Suse and I moved downstairs as the really big gusts started rattling the house. Both of us were resigned to whatever was going to happen. At 7 o’clock there was a loud bang and the electricity went off and the trees start dancing!

The worst of the weather was over by the afternoon but the electricity didn’t come back on until later on Friday 6th. We only lost a few slates and a plastic trim off the greenhouse (which just clipped back on) but the saddest thing is the damage to one of the big oak trees which lost some big branches and more that have broken are still hanging threateningly. A massive pine came down across the farm road and, although cleared off the road, is still lying there with the telephone cable underneath it (still, miraculously working). Elsewhere, there was the usual crop of flying chimneys, cartwheeling summerhouses and buckled sheds. Our river walk is an assault course with trees across the path in many places and some arms of the monkey puzzle are now decorating our hall. Plenty of firewood but so difficult to get it out. Perhaps we need a horse!

Severe flooding has caused a real mess on the golf course and elsewhere and, but for a telegraph pole, would have brought Dave’s catamaran on to the A83. The coastguard suggested that he get a tax disc for it just in case.

The electricity came back on in Tarbert before Whitehouse so Wednesday saw us and most of the people from the West Loch area enjoying Sherlock Holmes at the Screen Machine. It was most welcome because although we were warm and could cook at home, the lack of light about the house was pretty trying. The petrol jenny wouldn’t start and you can only do so much with candles!

Things eventually got back to normal and we had an exciting meeting with Lucinda Hopkinson, a fused glass artist from Kilmichael, who is keen to do our corner feature beside the stair. We floated a lot of ideas about how it might look and we are both looking forward to our next meeting. We are also waiting to hear from Thomas Waterhouse  about some new dining room chairs which may finally force us to put the patio chairs which we’ve been using to their proper use.

Eventually, as the weather continued to deteriorate, Suse finally put her foot down and organised a week in a nice hotel in Limassol, Cyprus. Needless to say, they had their coldest weather for many years but it was a good break and we met some nice people.


When we got back we booked the Village Hall for the Ruby Wedding party and also managed to book the band that had impressed us both so much at the Smallholders’ Gathering at Clachan last year. So invitations will be out soon and we will have information on this web site.

We attended our first Burns Supper in the Village Hall and have aranged to go to Scottish country dancing lessons in Ardrishaig. (What a climb down for me, but hey; if you can’t beat them, join them.


We finally had a cold, dry spell and we’ve progressed the garden paths and bridges to the vegetable garden. After a beach clean at Ronachan we brought in the last load of seaweed for the veg garden.

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