Dreamin’, I’m Always Dreamin’

This particular Johnny Burnette classic has been causing some grief at the Thursday night Fynesiders practices. The Leads can’t get the timing right and the whole thing goes to pot. Meanwhile, Tenor Tim and John continue to strangle the Postman. More about this in the future, if it comes to anything.


Elsewhere the spell of dry weather continues and we’ve been busy putting up fences in the garden and getting seeds organised for planting. It’s so cold though and there have been frosts overnight so things aren’t particularly well on. Temporary deer fencing is being tested but I don’t think Suse is convinced! More importantly, nor are the deer!


Suse and Emily went to Holland to visit the Floriade and saw a few nice features like this. John and Richard originally planned to grab some Munros around Glen Shiel but decided that their time would be better spent doing some plumbing and drainage in the new shower room at Vicars Road.


Easter saw us orienteering in Livingston and further north near Pitlochry. It was just like old times but without the little bit of fitness that we had then. Still we’ve entered a few more events and hope to get back into things gradually.


We’ve made a few decisions about the Rubydo, as Suse has christened it. In order to simplify things, if the weather is suitable on the day, the ceremony will take place in the garden at Larick House with just some drinks and nibbles. We’ll then head off to the village hall for the main meal and bar and the rest of the evening’s activities. Otherwise, we’ll do everything in the village hall. We’ve had offers of help, so we’ll do the catering ourselves. More work I know but it means you know what you are getting and there’s some smashing local produce to be had. We’ll send out a separate email confirming the details soon.

We finally managed to collect some gorse petals and have started 2 demijohns. We made some gorse wine 2 years ago and it was very successful so fingers crossed. I think we were about a weekend too late in the collection, the blossoms didn’t smell as much of coconut as I think the other batches did. May not be important as the last wine didn’t taste of coconut at all!

We’ve been up and down to Glasgow a few times this month which was wearing but some of the trips were extremely scenic and allowed us to call into Auchindrain to see some of Lucinda’s other fused glass artwork. It inspired us to ask if she could incorporate some of the ideas into our stairwell installation and it seems she can. So brilliant! All we have to do now is make a final decision about how it will be lit and then look forward to putting it together with her.

The dining room chairs may be ready next month. Thomas Waterhouse lost his wood supplier but is back on track. We are both looking forward to getting them but will miss the conservatory chairs that we have been using for so many years.


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