We had a visit from Emily and Richard who came to do the Gigha Challenge then stayed on and gave us a hand in the garden. Richard was on a mission to improve the view so he shinned up the cedar at the front of the house and lopped off the branches that were spoiling it, as well as the branches that were choking a copper beech. John finished off the other one the next day and what a difference it makes.

Meanwhile Emily nabbed the left over membrane and put it round the fruit bushes. Suse finished off with Ali’s left over underfelt and it was weighted down with chippings from the cedar tree, so we hope that will make a difference to the weeding. It has been very hot and dry at last and the seedlings in the greenhouse and cold frame are doing very nicely thank you, but they do need watering every day.

John has been making inroads into the woodland. We rescued all the trees that had originally been planted up there, moving the fruit trees to a new orchard at the side of the house, the conifers to the front garden and the others to the veg garden. He is on a slash and burn mission to clear the reeds and brambles. That part of the garden gets the late evening sun and will be a nice spot for campers in August and for a sitooterie of some kind. There are various little paths through the self seeded willow and hazel, just as I had imagined. Deer taping and gating is complete but not entirely adequate – we had a visit from one the other day, watching John at work as though it was about to offer some helpful advice.

Before the boiling hot weather started, we had a few rainy days which prompted John to make some covers for the patio tables and bbq. We actually managed  a bbq with the Evamys and all that was missing was some kind awning or maybe just a sunshade. Ummm?


We have also built the low wall at the front of the house that was supposed to support the glass roof that we chickened out of building first time round. Not sure how to finish it off now. We could cast a coping stone or fill it with plants. While we think about that, we’ve also started the retaining walls for the flower beds at the back. They’re made from concrete blocks with bottles to get round the curves and will be finished in tile so that we can do a bit of Gaudi work.

This spell of weather has been delightful but we are remembering previous years when the summer was over by July – please, not this year!

Last Sunday saw our first big kayaking trip from Ardrishaig to Otter Ferry. We were both a bit rusty but the conditions were very kind and I don’t think we struggled too badly.

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