Back To Normal

Well June did have a few moments but mainly it’s only been good for weeds and  midges! Although Kintyre may not have fared as badly as some other places, there has been very little sunshine and stupid amounts of wind. We’ll be lucky to match our Spring submission to Scottish Gas for the pv installation but hey, what goes around comes around.

The month started with orienteering over the Jubilee weekend in Braemar. The Scottish Champs did what they normally do and it was just like old times – lost in the forest. The highlight of the weekend was a trip to Alford to see how Andrew and Mary’s schoolhouse conversion is progressing. What a difference!


Most of the rest of the month has been spent in the garden. The walls around the raised beds are ready for painting and we both like their organic shape. The idea is that if we are lucky with the weather, they will double as seats for people attending the “Rubydo” . (By the way, the final details email has gone out and the Ruby Wedding page above has been updated.)

Suse has been beavering away in the garden with new plants and seedlings appearing all the time. She assures me that once things will grow we’ll have plenty of height and colour. I saw an old photograph of the garden at Ballencrieff which Suse started off from next to nothing, so I’m confident that we’ll have something similar here.

Our discussions with Lucinda about the “Thing in The Hall” have moved on very nicely. We agreed the shape of the frame and it’s now made and sitting in the garage waiting to be sandblasted. We seem to be on schedule for the end of the month and we can’t believe how excited we are about the whole thing it really should be stunning. Well done Lucinda!

We managed another paddle from Clonaigh to Skipness. Nothing strenuous but enough to keep our hands in and give me an afternoon away from the football on the tv! We also helped out at the Kintyre Way Relay but conditions were probably tougher for the marshals than the runners who could at least keep moving to stay warm!

We also managed to start some gorse and some elderflower wine. First indications are that both appear to be completely different to the batches we’ve made in the past.  Time will tell but I don’t think we’ll be drinking anything in the near future. Suse has been making sourdough cakes and bread and experimenting with the fish pie and vegetarian courses which we will be preparing for the  “Do”  All good so far!

We are just back from a trip to Alloway where we met with Emily and Richard at Emma and Jamie’s wedding.  It gave a few pointers for our own “do” and I may steal the Father of the Bride’s speech for Jo and John’s wedding in September.

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