What goes around, Comes Around?

The Beast in its lair!

I listened to a Radio 4 programme the other day about serendipity or “happy accidents” and thought afterwards that it seemed to confirm my belief that “what goes around, comes around”. So, I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised when Ted and Val Finch offered the tyres and suspension units from one of their trailers and a monster mower which they had retired and replaced with something more civilised. The small trailer now only needs a different tow hitch and we will be back on the road. The mower needed a good “fettling”(Thanks Andy) and has already seen action in the back garden and at the front of the house. It will definitely speed things up but I’ll have to do some levelling and it may be just too big for some parts of the garden, so I won’t be putting the strimmer away just yet.

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