Winter 2017/18

Christmas with The Birches was followed by a Boxing Day flight to Joburg and a reasonable enough drive northwards towards the Transvaal for 5 days of orienteering. In the New Year, we took the hire car back to Joburg and then picked up a flight to Cape Town which we both liked a lot.

We left Cape Town for Melbourne where our principal responsibility was to do a spot of baby sitting for Johnny but we also managed a very pleasant trip to Halls Gap in the Grampian Mountains. It was great to meet up with relations who also entertained us royally.

As it turned out, we also had just enough time after Johnny went back to school to squeeze in a trip to New Zealand. In hindsight, viewing both North and South Islands was a bit ambitious and we both felt that we drove through wonderful areas that deserved a bit more attention. Next time…..

After New Zealand, we returned to Melbourne to take part in Johnny’s 7th birthday party which took place in Pirate Park around the corner from his house. Jo had organised an obstacle course for the kids and we all enjoyed ourselves.