Winter 2018/19

The winter started with something different. We were invited to Katie Evamy’s (our next door neighbour’s daughter) wedding to her long time boyfriend Tom. The venue was in in rural Perthshire at the beginning of December and we even squeezed in a Perth Parkrun.

It was a most pleasant surprise when we discovered that the Birches intended to spend Christmas at Larick House. We had a very traditional family Christmas with plenty of excellent food Emily and I ran my 100th Spion Kop 5k.

Over Christmas, Emily and Richard indicated that they would like to grow some vegetables at Larick House so that they could have some fresh veg and help with the veg plot. It was clear that the existing soil was not really responding to the “improvements” which had been carried out since Concrete Ali ran his pough over it 10 years ago. Initially, raised beds were on the agenda but after some further thought we decided that they wouldn’t be enough on their own and that another polytunnel was the only sensible thing to do. We got cracking and after a few near misses with the weather got the new tunnel up for the forthcoming growing season.

Suse and I volunteered at Celtic Connections in Glasgow and although it was a big learning curve, we both enjoyed ourselves and will probably do it again. However, the main event in February was a trip to Lanzarote with the Birches for the first week (on the beach) and Kathleen for the second week (walking ). No major dramas inspite of extensive use of the local buses.

In March, Suse went to China and I stayed at home where I did battle with OFGEM who insisted that we install a meter on the pellet boiler. I lost.