While We Could…

We started 2020 with a road trip that I confess I wasn’t entirely looking forward to but now feel extremely grateful for.

After Christmas in Stonehouse with Emily, Richard, Caitlin and Roslyn, we went via (cousin) Tony and Helen in Wolverhampton to spend New Year in Chesterfield with (sister) Kathleen and David, Paul and Isobel. (And I managed to complete my 1000 miles a year, yet again by the skin of my teeth, on the 31st of December).

Suse, Tony and Helen in Wolverhampton.
Serious Gaming in Chesterfield with The Smiths.
Campervans near Clitheroe.

Heading north we rendezvoused (is that actually a word?) with (friends) Neil and Dorothy at a campervan pub in Clitheroe, where we continued delving into John’s grandfather’s life – not that we have so far managed to obtain enough evidence to apply for Irish citizenship and a passport.

And of course (sister) Hilda in Morecambe, who is not going out much but keeping herself occupied.

Some lovely walks and a number of extra Park Runs (remember them?) were enjoyed by us and anyone we could persuade to join us.

Suse and Kathleen finishing the Chesterfield Park Run.

I had three qigong workshops booked, one in January at Portavadie and one in February in Glasgow at which one of the participants turned out to be an old school friend I hadn’t seen for almost 50 years! This led to a wee reunion in Glasgow which was very pleasant but provided one of the scariest rides home on the 926 bus that I have ever experienced… due to… yes, lots of people on a busy bus with coughs and colds. I generally tend to avoid putting myself in situations like this and duly came down with something on returning home but I don’t think it was the dreaded…

An equivalent photograph from 1960 would be priceless.

In between the workshops we volunteered again at Celtic Connections and had a fantastic time discovering musicians we had never previously heard of. Celtic Connections in 2021 will be a virtual affair and a real bargain at £30 early bird rate for 19 high quality gigs. Hopefully, we can keep music and musicians alive and open Celtic Connections up to audiences all over the world.

In early March, we squeezed in an orienteering road trip to Banchory and met up with friends who had recently moved there, before everything went totally haywire.

The maps from the orienteering weekend.

The third workshop in Tarbert with a Mindfulness friend was cancelled along with our planned trip to New Zealand with Jo and Emily to celebrate (OK a bit early) Emily’s 40th. Getting information from Emirates was impossible – no refunds – so we have credit notes and extended tickets for 2021.

The calendar from then on has a lot of things scored out – as has everyone’s. Who could have predicted?