“Gloriously Ramshackle”

slates on utility room roofComing back from Tai Chi Caledonia was as exciting as expected. Still on a high, I found that John had just about got all the floors down, Merry Mick had finished the utility roof and architect Chris had been for a visit without throwing up his hands in horror. He pronounced the house ‘gloriously ramshackle’ referring (we think!) to the patches of polythene and tarpaulin over the windows.

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A Welcome Visitor

The first slatesAnother month. My the weeks are passing!  Everything seems to marking time but Mick has started slating and the first instalment of larch cladding has finally arrived. It is going on the wall very nicely. The diffutherm order, the insulated wall panels that will be rendered, turned up late and incomplete but we should be able to get cracking on that once the cladding is up.

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