So That was 2020

Autumn saw us making a quick dash to the Central Belt in the campervan for Emily’s actual 40th and a cheeky visit with my garden visiting buddy Val to Jupiter Artland.

Not quite New Zealand but well worth it.
Jupiter Artland somewhere near East Calder. Who would have thought it?

September saw our walking holiday with Kathleen converted into a visit here from Kathleen and David which saw us explore local areas a bit more and provided a safe place for them.

Socially distanced at Tarbert castle.
A weird “Dun” above Torinturk.

John has, as usual, spent a lot of time in the shed fiddling with chain saws, making a snail, a turtle, and a kangaroo and perfecting various wood turning techniques. Recently though, he has moved up to the landing beside me where the better light enables him to do painty things.

The pooping kangaroo!
The “sitooteerie”. A work in progress.
Yet another Zoom!

Indoors we promised ourselves we would do something about squeaky floorboards but Christmas decorations and cards are taking precedence. Having embraced technology with Zoom quizzes, Zoom birthday and Hallowe’en parties and managed to cast streamed events on the television, we went to the ballet last week and a walking tour of Barcelona, with other virtual trips planned. I feel obliged to curb my love of visiting new places in real life for various reasons and try not to worry about the very different range of opportunities our children and grandchildren will experience. (I had to replace my passport in November – it came back dark blue.)

Joanna and family have had their own version of 2020 Down Under. Both she and John kept working all year, Joanna with extra ppe and extra hours to clear backlogs and John on government contracts in play parks. This has meant Johnny being able to keep going to school which was great for him. He has also made new friends locally and looks like turning into a bit of a soccer ace if he would just stop breaking bones.

Emily and Richard found themselves with both working full time from home, a 7 year old to home school and a 4 year old to entertain (how many hours are there in a day?) but once Emily was furloughed and embraced the time at home for picnics, foraging, crafts and so on, they seemed to manage very well. They have done a major restoration of the front room, Emily is now a member of the Royal Geological Society and is working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer.

2020 has welcomed two new members of the family: Meet Ellie and Wilhelmina Snakespeare!

Ellie on the right!
Wilhelmina getting bigger by the week!