Spring 2017

Most of April was spent orienteering. Initially in the Trossachs; then the Spanish O Champs north of Madrid and finally, Drumlanrig in the south west of Scotland on the way home. The Spanish excursion was a lot of driving but the events were worth it and it’s always good to see what’s happening in France and Spain.


Suse ran a couple of Qigong workshops but her old home at An Tairbeart has now been sold and reopened as a café, making it too noisy, so, after the summer her workshops will be held in the local (Whitehouse) Village Hall.

On our return I started to  paint the ‘Celtic Beasties’ boards for the Day 4 string course at the Scottish 6 Days in August.

May saw us helping at the Kintyre Way Ultra again. A new ultra cycle race had been added and this time the sun shone, giving everyone the best possible impressions of the route and the area. The pictures of the event on the BBC’s Adventure Show were stunning.

We decided to fit another radiator in the livingroom so that we don’t have to light the woodburner when the pellet system is working in order to warm up the livingroom. Everything went well but the radiator didn’t heat up when the pellet boiler was running. Tried bleeding the system but no joy. Having given up on AlvaNorthern, the original installers, we found the mobile number for the lead engineer who had designed /installed the system but who no longer worked for them. He was more than happy to come out, service the boiler, bleed the system properly and suggest ways of replacing the programmer to get a remote link working again. What a result! We bought a Hive box on a special deal at Tool Station and again we can control the pellet boiler remotely but this time via SMS which is much is more accessible than having to use the internet. Thanks Lubo!

At the end of the month, we popped through to Edinburgh to support Emily who was running the Edinburgh Half Marathon. She did very well but my lasting memory is of armed police on the roof of the school being used for the finish. Given what had been happening in London and Manchester, I guess it was to be expected.

Most of the borders in the garden have been mulched using the vast amount of chippings that we obtained locally. This will keep the weeds under control and generally makes the borders look much neater.

We finally got around to re-decorating upstairs and completed the high ceilings in the hall without too much fuss using rollers on the end of long poles. We ran out of time to do the bedroom before the summer visitors started to arrive but there will be plenty of rainy days in the autumn I’m sure. We also finally worked out a design for the new glass “lampshades” for the wall lights and whilst they still leave the upstairs a bit dark, they certainly add interest to the space and complement the other glass “map” very nicely.

Meanwhile, the hot tub has had a few outings. We are still looking forward to being able to cool it down per the brochure i.e. by using  snow!