It seemed that the new pv panels would never get enough sunshine to do anything meaningful as early March in Kintyre was grey and overcast for about a fortnight. Finally, however, we got our share of the sunny weather and the juice started flowing and rEd started flashing on the main electricity meter. Google tells me it stands for “reverse energy detected” and I’d like to think it was actually running the meter backwards (apparently this happens with some older meters) but who knows? Anyway, the system works and we seem to have been fortunate to retain the 43p rate after the Government finally lost their third court appeal but as we are still completing forms for the energy company, I guess we’ll just have to wait to see how it all pans out. One thing’s for sure, you try to use electricity while you are generating, so that means daytime washing, daytime dishwashing but, I promise, not daytime telly.

Another pleasant occurence has been the lack of rain. As a result, however, the pond has shrunk in size and Hanibal has disappeared. The tadpoles have been doing well and  at one point seemed to be making the pond froth such was their activity! The warmer weather coupled with the extra daylight has woken a lot of plants up and Suse is happy that there are buds on our grape vine.

We’ve pushed on with the garden and laid slabs and spread more woodchip and Suse has been barrowing topsoil to the new beds. Things are slowly starting to take shape.



We did some more orienteering just to the east of Oban and have pushed on with the furniture in the van so that we’ll be reasonably well set up for Easter when it’s more “O” this time in Perthshire.



The Fynesiders managed second place at the Mid Argyll Music Festival and Suse learnt how to graft trees at a local course and has grafted bits of our incredibly old apple tree onto a new rootstock so we may save it yet! We went to see a model of our new dining room chairs that Thomas Waterhouse is doing for us and we’ve ordered six! Lucinda Hopkinson has started to come up with some really exciting ideas for the glass installation in the hall and we are really looking forward to working with her. Lots more about this soon.

We spent a long weekend in Stonehouse batching mortar for Emily and Richard’s underfloor heating – maybe their blog would be more interesting than ours nowadays – and looking at “retirement” flats for ourselves in Glasgow. Sad but true! And plans for the ruby wedding party – the rubydo – are coming together nicely with lots of friends and family and music.

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