Summer 2015

The start of the string course
The start of the string course

In May, we organised the String Course for the Scottish Orienteering Championships near Oban. Having decided to do it, we thought we’d try for something a bit different and ended up with a series of “seaside” illustrations which seemed to go down well. Earlier in the month, we’d helped out again at the Kintyre Way Relay which had good weather for once. What a difference it makes.

Intriguing. Like most of the stuff at Taynish.
Intriguing. Like most of the stuff at Taynish.

We popped up to Taynish to attend a sculpture workshop which was a prelude to the opening of SNH’s Sculpture Trail. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely and had an equally good time at the official opening a few weeks later. It really is a special area and I hope we keep finding reasons to go there.



When I'm 64!
When I’m 64!

We had a most pleasant kayaking trip to Otter Ferry with Leslie and Suse had a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show. This seemed to inspire her to arrange a manure delivery. In much the same manner, another birthday crept up on me. Boo! All the while, Suse was visiting her mother in Glasgow where things were not very good.

Suse liked this photograph of her Mum.
Suse liked this photograph of her Mum.

The end finally came on 7th July at 0530 and Suse was satisfied that she had done all she could. The silver lining was that Jo and Johnny came over for the funeral which was at Linn Crematorium on 15th July. We saw Johnny and Caitlin together for the first time and we will watch them growing up with interest.


Here are some pictures from Jo and Johnny’s visit:

  • Only one missing.
  • Richard has great plans for a new career!
  • Jo and Johnny went across the water to Portavadie.
  • The White Shore.
  • Whitelees windfarm.
  • Caitlin and the Kelpies Fountain.
  • Johnny and the Kelpies Fountain.
  • The Kelpies. We were all quite impressed with them. More facilities being planned. Will go back.
  • Ahhhhhh!





Stringing it out at Darnaway
Stringing it out at Darnaway

At the end of the month we took ourselves off to Inverness with Caitlin and Emily for the World Orienteering Championships and the Scottish 6 Days. I thought it was a bit of a mixed bag with the 6 Day competition seemingly getting compromised on some of the days. Still, Caitlin enjoyed her string courses and Emily kept moving up the listings as the week went on.


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